In 1962. The first mine of the Lodi Family in Santa Lucia, on the outskirts of Soledade/RS, known as “Calha” mine. Helio Lodi, 12 years old, with his brothers, in-laws, and employees.

HL Gemas e Minerais is a company that specializes in its field.

The members of HL Gemas e Minerais have been in the business for over 40 years. At first they mined and prepared the gems for the jewelry industry.

In 1973, the brothers founded the 1st company, Irmãos Lodi, processing the minerals and making the first foreign sales.

In 1990, the consolidated company began to be called Lodi Pedras Preciosas, with the participation of the founder’s children.

In 2010, HL Gemas e Minerais was founded, operating in the processing, sales, and export of minerals.

HL provides the domestic and foreign market with over 500 items, including decorative pieces, ornaments, works made from several minerals, as well as collector and museum pieces for various countries.

We are always grateful for our clients and at their service, ensuring the quality and competitiveness for traditional products, and new innovative products that are constantly being released.

Hélio, Fernando, Maurício, Fábio e Celita Lodi